What are the business challenges when migrating to hybrid cloud? | CloudBridge FAQ Video Series

Although there are myriad benefits when moving to a hybrid cloud environment, there are also many business challenges. Hybrid cloud can be complex and if it’s not executed properly, the benefits can quickly become outweighed with issues.

Richard Beeston, Daisy Corporate Services Head of Product, discusses these challenges and how CloudBridge has been designed to address these challenges.

So what are the business challenges when migrating to hybrid cloud?

Daisy conducted market research across multiple customer segments and found that many of them have shared challenges. These are mostly relating to keeping control over cost, security and complying with regulation.

How does Daisy CloudBridge address these challenges?

CloudBridge allows us to address these challenges with a single unified hybrid cloud solution, which allows customers to move their costly legacy technology into a more cloud ready platform with a secure by design methodology, which is also compliant with their regulatory needs.

Daisy has an unrivaled hybrid cloud capability, when adding to the service deliverable for communications, connectivity, business resilience, data and application services.

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