An Insight Into Cyber Incident Response

This episode Ian is joined by Fabien

ECSC’s Cyber Security Incident Response Service Director, talking about all things Cyber Incident Response. Fabien has been working at ECSC for 17 years with a dedicated focus on Incidents; how to prevent them, how to contain them and how to restore access/data so BAU activities can recommence.

The episode is broken into:

  • Incidents causes that we regularly see and hot to mitigate against these…
  • Office 365 vulnerabilities
  • Lack of MFA, MFA configurations and legacy issues
  • Ransomware
  • Patching
  • Increased exposure as a result of opening internet-facing elements
  • How ECSC define and manage incidents (Small, Medium and Large) and what tools we have to help our clients during an incident
  • Proactive measures that organisations can take including table top exercises with sessions aimed at technical IT personnel as well as management

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