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Change to billing for international call rating increments.

From 1 August 2018 call rating when dialling from the UK to EU will be rated in 60 second increments. Existing pence per minute rates will not be affected by these changes.

Billing correction for calls to Channel Islands & Isle of Man

We will be introducing a correction for usage (calls and SMS) made to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man from the UK. Currently the calls are incorrectly included within standard domestic call bundles. As of the 1 August 2018 updates will be applied to the billing system, meaning calls made to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man from the UK will be chargeable at the cost of 47.67p p per minute; Texts to the Channels Islands and the Isle of Man from the UK will be chargeable at 47.67p per message.

These changes will apply to all standard tariffs including, but not limited to, Daisy Eureka and Select&Share.

Worldwide Zoning and World Travel Select Adjustments

As of June 1 2018, we will be introducing a number of changes that will make roaming in even more destinations much cheaper for our customers.

The following destinations will be changing zones:

  • Cameroon, Korea, Laos, Macau, Morocco, Myanmar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, UAE and Uzbekistan are moving from Rest of World Zone 2 to Rest of World Zone 1
  • Burkina Faso and Vietnam are moving from Rest of World Zone 3 to Rest of World Zone 1
  • Bhutan and Madagascar are moving from Rest of World Zone 4 to Rest of World Zone 1
  • Cape Verde, Gambia and Zimbabwe are moving from Rest of World Zone 3 to Rest of World Zone 2
  • Sao Tome and Principe are moving from Rest of World Zone 4 to Rest of World Zone 3

In addition to this, we are delighted to announce that Daisy’s World Travel Select (WTS) service will also be improved and will benefit from over 40 new inclusive destinations, including the reintroduction of the United Arab Emirates.

The additional destinations are as follows:

Afghanistan Macau Samoa
Albania Macedonia Saudi Arabia
Andorra Malaysia South Korea
Armenia Moldova South Sudan
Bahrain Mongolia Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Montenegro Swaziland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Montserrat Taiwan
Cambodia Morocco Tanzania
Fiji Myanmar Tonga
Georgia Nicaragua Ukraine
Honduras Oman United Arab Emirates
Jordan Pakistan Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
Kuwait Paraguay Vietnam
Laos Philippines


Alongside the above cost-effective changes, we must unfortunately inform you that Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be moving from EU Zone 2 to Rest of World Zone 1.

This means that roaming will no longer be included as standard. However, users roaming in these destinations will now be able access their inclusive bundles for only £5 (excl. VAT) per day, as they have been included within the new additions made to World Travel Select.

For a complete plan of worldwide zones, effective June 1 2018, that highlights all World Travel Select inclusive destinations please click here.

Please Note: O2 customers on DISE or legacy ABS tariffs will not be affected by these changes, if you are uncertain as to your tariff type please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

CDR Improvements – Pricing will not be affected

Following some recent feedback it became clear that the size of some monthly itemised billing files on Vodafone are a problem, specifically when there is considerable data usage accrued whilst roaming. We have been looking into ways of improving this and now have an answer.

Currently roaming data sessions are relayed to us, by the network, in 3mb event rows resulting in potentially hundreds of lines per interaction, and extremely large monthly call files being generated. To resolve this issue we will be introducing steps to aggregate roamed data traffic received from Vodafone, on a per file received basis. This means that potentially thousands of individual lines will be consolidated in to single events and have no negative impact to the way in which the data is provided. It will not affect the alerts currently in place for data roaming and, most importantly, it will not affect pricing.

We are looking to apply these improvements, across all active Vodafone connections, with effect from 01 May 2018. We are certain that these changes should help reduce the size of data files and the time it takes to download them, however should you have any questions or concerns prior to this then please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Mobile Domestic Rates – April 2018

As per our RPI increase notification our new out of bundle domestic rates are as per below:

Call type description COST (£ per Unit)
On net £0.4767
Cross net £0.4767
Landlines £0.4767
Voicemail £0.4767
SMS £0.4767
MMS £0.5200
Video call £0.4767
Video call - international £0.4940
Call return - Vodafone (up to 3600 seconds) Free of charge
Call return - Vodafone (over 3600 seconds) £0.4767
Call return - landline £0.4767
Call return - cross net £0.4767
Call return - personal numbering service £0.5755
International call - Europe £1.3000
International call - Rest of world £1.7368
International SMS £0.4767
Non geo access charge (084 & 087)* £0.4767
Premium call access charge (09)* £0.4767
Directory enquiries access charge (118)* £0.4767
Freephone (0800) Free of charge
Radio paging services (i.e. 076) £0.4767
Personal Numbering Services (i.e. 070) £0.4767
Call Forwarding Services (i.e. 07744/07755) £0.4767
Data £0.0728

RPI Price Increase

From 1st April 2018 Daisy is applying a 4% increase to its charges in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) to help cover increased operating costs. The following products will be affected with the price increases applied as standard:

Fixed Network Services
Data Network Services
Maintenance Services
Hosting Services
Mobile Network Services
Co-Location Services
Online Services
Cloud Services

If you are unsure about how these changes might affect you or to discuss our latest, money-saving tariffs and bolt-ons, please contact either your account manager or the Customer Loyalty team today on 03333 202 030.

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