Power Price Increase – October 2023

As you’re aware, the price of energy has been soaring at an unprecedented rate over the last couple of years due to macroeconomic disruption to the market. Unfortunately, this means that from 1 October 2023, Daisy Corporate Services will be implementing price changes to power charges.

The price increases have been felt by everyone and have had a significant impact on the wholesale market, which is why we are now having to notify you of an upcoming price increase.

We understand that this is not welcome news but as our energy contracts are coming to an end, it is inevitable that our prices are increasing in line with the market and as always, we aim to be transparent and appreciate that this is information you need to know in advance.

We are working very closely with our suppliers to minimise the impact on your charges. The energy prices are now trending downwards, so it is vital for us to ensure we strike the best deal when the time is right. The market is still volatile, and we want to take advantage of the drops in the market and pass those savings on to you directly.

Once we have finalised the new prices, we will be in touch again to update you with the details.