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As local authorities are increasingly called on to do more with less, smart, strategic technology deployment can make all the difference. For many organisations, this entails an evolution in their approach to IT investment, and an openness to exploring more dynamic “as-a-service” options.

In particular, moving from a capex-based model to cloud-hosted or subscription-based services can transform your cost-effectiveness, and your ability to meet the changing needs of citizens.


Expert, cost-effective IT outsourcing

Many local authorities have limited in-house IT skills and operate in a traditional way with IT reporting to finance and systems and data being kept in site. As a trusted managed services provider to customers in both the public and private sectors, Daisy can ensure your day-to-day IT operations run smoothly at a cost that’s manageable and predictable – enabling you to deliver excellent service while reducing the need for in-house headcount. Choose to outsource selected parts of your IT estate (such as end-user support) or opt for one of our comprehensive managed services.

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Cloud-hosting for flexible, cost-effective delivery

Because of their ability to scale and flex as your computing needs change, cloud services offer a cost-efficient way of managing your systems and transitioning away from out-of-date legacy tech. They’re also more energy and carbon efficient. Daisy can help you migrate all or some of your infrastructure to the cloud in a way that works for you, ensuring demand peaks can be met with minimal or no capex investment.

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Next-generation communications and productivity

Versatile, “as-a-service” productivity tools like Microsoft365 can transform your employees’ efficiency and job satisfaction while reducing overall IT costs. Meanwhile, moving to cloud-hosted Unified Communications provides an intuitive, opex-based (and therefore cost-effective) way of engaging with, and delivering for, your service users.

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Modern workplace

Harness a bespoke combination of remote or hybrid working technologies so your people can collaborate and deliver as never before – from wherever they happen to be – saving valuable time and money. Daisy can also help you source and manage your devices and hardware, with flexible leasing options plus recycle and reuse to prolong equipment life. Also moving to alternate connectivity methods such as SD-WAN can reduce costs from legacy MPLS connectivity solutions and add further controls and visibility.

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