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Overcome a shortage of skilled labour

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Many UK manufacturers consider skilled labour shortages to be their biggest challenge. This makes technology all the more essential, as a way of automating certain activities while giving workers the tools to do their jobs more effectively. In addition to maximising current staff effectiveness, technology also allows you to create a more flexible, dynamic and engaging work environment, which can help to attract and retain the most skilled workers.


Technology consultancy and technical services

We place our specialist engineers and consultants at your disposal, whether to create a roadmap for your future digital strategy, provide a specific skill that you don’t have in-house or fulfil a temporary role vacancy. Solutions include resource-as-a-service, virtual CISO and managed end-user service desk.

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Communication and collaboration tools

Empower colleagues with the tools to do their best work in the most fluid and effortless way, while maximising productivity. Daisy can help you design and deploy the combination that works best for you, drawing on a range of unified communications solutions, Microsoft 365, modern workplace and more.

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Technology training and adoption

Make sure your people can get the most from all of the hardware, software and tools they have access to, while embedding best practices.

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