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Meet Net Zero Targets

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The UK has a legally binding target to achieve Net Zero by 2050, and is also aiming for a 78% reduction in emissions by 2035. This has a deep and obvious impact on manufacturers.

With Daisy’s help, you can deploy sophisticated tools and technologies to monitor and lower energy consumption while shrinking your organisation’s carbon footprint. We also vet all our partner vendors from an ESG perspective, to ensure sustainability is embedded throughout our solution portfolio.


Cloud IT solutions

Moving some or all of your IT estate to a cloud environment can quickly reduce the need for energy-hungry on-premises infrastructure, potentially bringing about a quick, significant fall in emissions. Daisy can plan, migrate and manage your transition in a way that works for you and your customers.

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Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and connectivity

Daisy can supply and install a range of IoT solutions to help you monitor and manage energy usage, as well as other sustainability metrics like air and water quality. We also provide the smart connectivity to help these devices communicate and work together, thus maximising the overall efficiency of your systems. Meanwhile, cloud-based data aggregation and analysis can offer you new levels of insight.

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Unified communications & modern workplace

Opting for cloud-hosted communication and collaboration will enable many of your employees to work from home and other locations, reducing travel mileage and energy consumption. Daisy Modern Workplace can complement this by providing everything your people need to connect remotely (and securely) to your networks and perform at their best.

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