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Billing limits for mobile subscriptions

This is a new legislation that has been introduced by parliament as part of the Digital Economy Act, which is coming into force on the 1st October 2018 as part of the Communications Act.​

Billing limits will apply to all new contracts, including re-signs, taken out from 1st October 2018 and aims to significantly reduce the risk of bill-shock.

The guidelines have been outlined in this link released by Ofcom for more information click here

What is the scope and what actions need to be taken?

The option of setting up a bill limit applies to new customers and renewals. In line with the general marketplace Daisy will be offering this at MPN level as opposed to account level. From 1 October 2018, all providers should offer the ability to manage (apply, edit/remove) bill limits throughout the lifecycle as required with fair notice from the customer. Restrictions and spend values must be reset at the beginning of each bill cycle.

Notifications must be communicated both as the customer approaches the agreed limit and once that limit ihas been breached. Notifications must be in writing by customters preferred contact method (SMS/email/letter).

Providers are prohibited from charging beyond the set bill limit, even if a customer exceeds the amount and the service is not restricted or highlighted by the provider in time.

Premium and non-standard services still chargeable (in part) providers will not be able to pass on “Access Charges” related to premium and non-geo call types however relevant “Service Charges” will be passed on and will not contribute towards the bill limit value. In addition “Charge to Mobile” services or any non-mobile usage (such as MPAY) will not form a part of the bill limit.

Access bundles and free services – in the event that a customer breaches their bill limit, providers must still offer, where possible end users access to inclusive allowances (like tariff allowances and bolt-ons), free of charge services and emergency services.

Please be aware that implementation of these regulations may differ from provider to provider (including networks), for example some providers may choose to include the service charge element of a call towards the customer’s bill limit. Customers’ may query this or other offerings included within the bill limit.

Adjustments to the billing and services

Your bill will not rate/charge above and beyond set limits for calls that fall within limit boundaries for qualifying calls (MPAY, service charges etc. will still be billed beyond capped value).

As a customer, you have the ability to self-manage limits via thee MyAccount portal and that auto-notifications are provided when limits are applied, adjusted or removed.

New barring profiles based on current bar lists set by the network, will be applied based on how and when a customer breaches their limit and barring information for full details click here

Daisy Corporate Services customers on the Affinity billing platform may need to move systems in the event that they require a bill limit to be set if you’re uncertain which billing platform you’re on, please contact your account manager or customer services.

Existing O2 DISE customers will not be supported for mobile bill limits, however, new business and renewals on 02 will have access to barring functionality.

  • Mid month, initial bill cap applications will come into effect immediately but will not be pro rated or back-dated. Adjustments to existing bill caps mid month will not take effect until following bill month.
  • In the event a customer opts out of bill limit mid month, after already breaching, any withheld rating charges will be applied in full. To avoid this customers should consider value added bundle options upon receipt of initial usage warnings.
  • Premium and Non-Goegraphical call charges are split into an “Access Charge” and a “Service Charge” it is important to note that only the Service Charge element of these calls will charged once bill limit is exceeded.
  • Due to barring functionality from the networks, some barring may differ, a key example of this would be: -VF customers with Prem SMS will still be able to use MPAY (chargeable service) -O2 customers however will have this service restricted in this instance.
  • Personal numbering services are chargeable and not covered via bill cap.


Yes, with Daisy this is not currently restricted by tariff, some other providers/operators may restrict availability.
No. Instead they can only opt-out mid billing month and then set new limit to apply from the following billing cycle.
Late landing traffic will always contribute towards bundles and limits as it always has. However, if it falls outside of the set limit, and is a qualifying event type, then it will not be billed on to the customer.
Notifications are to be auto-generated by the system at 80%, 90% and upon breach of limit value. The end user will receive an SMS notification in every instance, administrators can set additional alerts for notification by email or letter.
Yes, they will continue to have access to existing MyAccount functionality including auto alerts and bars. The main difference being those restriction limits are not capped and items such as late landing traffic will still be billed onto the customer.