Belonging at Daisy. Equalities, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

“At Daisy, we want our People to feel that they belong, positively shaping and steering an inclusive place to be, both as individuals and collectively."

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Everyone has the right to work in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation due to any, or combination of, protected characteristic(s) they may have. At Daisy, we want People to feel like they belong.

We are comitted to ensuring that Daisy has a positive work environment with all our people committed to these goals. We recognise that technology has a role here. It can enable greater inclusion by, for instance, delivering ‘reasonable adjustments’ that permit more people to engage with work.

These commitments are part of those we are developing through our commitment to UN-Compact and becoming a B-Corp. They are critical to Wates and the UN-SDGs.

How people treat each other is central to their identity. The same is true of Daisy. The way we treat our workforce and how we let them be treated is part of our identity. This treatment requires cementing an understanding within our workforce of People and how they may experience day-to-day life. This awareness enables us to reflect and grow.

We are a workforce of over 1,000, within this we have a range of people with multiple protected characteristics. We also recognise that our actions must have a positive role as social stewards, in broader society. These actions include internal ones between our People and external ones with other stakeholders. We also expect that such working conditions exist when our People are on the sites of other organisations.

We are developing a comprehensive strategy to ensure inclusivity, as well as an ongoing set of training delivered in multiple ways. Such activity needs to be more than a tick box exercise and must include all. These requirements are part of a recognition that exists that society must be more inclusive. Daisy is part of that society. There are many different societies across the UK. These differing societies make awareness of how people of different protected characteristics experience the world. These experiences may include discrimination, harassment and victimisation. This increased awareness to be fundamental to recognising and, ultimately, eliminating such acts.

These acts often stem from unconscious bias. We all must be more aware of unconscious bias to enable us, as individuals, to examine our thought processes. This awareness will help prevent these influences from impacting our decisions’ validity.

Daisy has a C-Suite that is 50% Female / Male; our management board is 33% female. These figures are above the average in the IT industry. However, this is just one of the protected characteristics. It is the metric that government requires firms to report on. These metrics will expand, and we’d like to be part of developing this.

Our gender pay gap report is available here. We must look beyond gender alone, encompassing all the protected characteristics, because it is the right thing to do.

As soon as we have agreed on our strategy, it will be shared here. This strategy will be formed internally with our TRAction team, senior leadership and others. It will include a committee that reports directly to the Board to ensure this process is followed.