Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

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Daisy Corporate Services Trading Ltd

Daisy aims to be a diverse and inclusive business and we believe our success depends on our people. Capitalising on what is unique about individuals, and drawing on their different perspectives and experiences, will add value to the way we deliver service to our customers and partners.

By accessing, recruiting and developing widely-diverse talent irrespective of gender we can gain an insight into different markets and generate greater creativity in anticipating customer needs.

We are constantly striving to create a productive environment, representative of and responsive to different genders, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed and we welcome the introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting.

The summary tables below show:

  • Our median and mean gender pay gap (based on hourly rates of pay at a snapshot date of 5 April 2021) and bonus and commission pay gap (based on bonuses paid over a 12 month period ending 5 April 2021);
  • The gender distribution across 4 equally divided quartiles and
  • The proportion receiving bonus or commission pay (based on bonuses paid over a 12 month period ending 5 April 2021).

We know we have some work to do to reduce the Gender Pay Gap but we are committed to providing a fair workplace for all of our colleagues. Like many IT/telecommunications businesses, our gender profile means that we have a pay gap which reflects the number of men in senior roles and STEM roles compared to the number of women. We have 3 times more men than women in the business. That said we have a board of directors that is an almost 50;50 split of females to males and more females in roles that are Head of departments than previous years.

Pay (snapshot)

2020 2021
Mean Median Mean Median
23.1% 31.2% 25% 30.6%

Bonus (YTD)

2020 2021
Mean Median Mean Median
61.3% 68.1% 42.5% 25.2%


Top Quartile Upper Middle Quartile Lower Middle Quartile Lowe Quartile
Male 88.6%; Female 11.4% Male 84.8%; Female 15.2% Male 81%; Female 19% Male 60.7%; Female 39.3%
Top Quartile Upper Middle Quartile Lower Middle Quartile Lower Quartile
Male 87.8%; Female 12.2% Male 82.6%; Female 17.4% Male 72.2%; Female 27.8% Male 60.9% ; Female 39.1%

Proportion of Males & Females Receiving Bonus

2020 2021
Male Female Male Female
33.3% 34.1% 36.0% 40.1%

Commentary on the figures including comparison to 2020:

  • On average men are paid 25% more than women, this is slightly higher than 2020 where the figure was 23.1%
  • The median hourly rate for men is 30.6% higher than for women, this is slightly lower than 2020 where the figure was 31.2%
  • Whilst our snapshot figures are approximately the same as 2020 our Year to Date figures have improved significantly dropping from 61.3% (mean) & 68.1% (median) to 42.5% (mean) and 25.2% (median) which represents a large improvement in that area.
  • We have a higher proportion of women in more senior roles (Top and Upper Middle Quartiles) than 2020; and a significant rise in women in the Lower Middle Quartile which indicates that the progression is taking place for women in the business.
  • The proportion of males and females receiving a bonus has changed in that now proportionately more women receive a bonus in comparison to men (40.1% female to 36% male) additionally the 40.1% female figure is up from 34.1% in 2020.

Whilst we are aware that there is still more work to do with closing our GPG a review of our figures reveals that progress is being made when this issue is looked at holistically and initiatives will continue in the medium and long term to improve this.

To this end a list of initiatives that are currently underway that should help improve our GPG statistics:

  • The business currently has 31 people completing an Apprenticeship, of which 13 are female
  • We have continuing partnerships with a number of educational establishments from Schools, Colleges and Universities. Examples include Nelson & Colne College, Burnley College, Kirklees College, UCLAN, Leeds Beckett University, University of Bradford and we actively promote all Graduate level roles on the new Handshake University jobs board.
  • We have facilitated a successful Sales Graduate Scheme, with 25% of last years’ intake being female. All are now being promoted into Telephone Account Manager roles from 1st April. We are now recruiting for another 4 Sales Graduates, to join us for our next intake later this year.
  • STEM Ambassadors – there are 8 of these currently who are working across the UK to carry out career talks, practical activities, networking, mentoring and arranging visits to workplaces in order to inspires young people into STEM careers.

I declare that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Jane McNess

HR Director – Daisy Corporate Services Trading Ltd

March 2022