Warehousing & Configuration Centre (Birmingham)

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Daisy’s secure warehousing and configuration centre is now based out of our Birmingham data centre. After several years working with our partners, Daisy relocated the operation which is fully managed and delivered by our own Daisy team.

The existing warehouse facility within our Birmingham location was redesigned to include new racking and equipment that enables us to locate and store all our customers’ equipment.

The configuration centre has been designed to enable our staff to build and image devices to meet all our customers’ specifications.

Stock Management

Daisy can provide secure storage of customer owned stock with full traceability using our internal tools. This includes full serial tracking as appropriate and records all movements. Customer stock is ring-fenced using specific coding on the beginning of stock codes, each customer being provided with its own unique identifier. Stock is centrally located at Daisy’s Staging and Configuration Warehouse from where it will be distributed in line with customer or project requirements.

Image Deployment

This service is delivered from our dedicated configuration centre using supplied or Daisy created images. These images are stored on virtual servers allocated to individual customers and segmented off our corporate infrastructure, to prevent any cross contamination and security issues. Network points within the configuration centre allow multicasting of the individual image to multiple devices which allows the image to be deployed to individual or multiple devices simultaneously.


Daisy will pre-configure any device from an agreed build sheet prior to shipment to site including asset tagging.

For more information on Daisy Warehousing & Configuration Centre contact your account manager.