Network Services 3

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Key facts

Agreement ID RM6116
Start date 23/05/2023
End date 17/07/2025
Lots 12
Suppliers 145

The agreement length will be in the following format 2+1+1. This means the agreement will run for 2 years and you will have the option of 2 extensions of up to 12 months.

There will be direct award and unlimited call off contract length.

Network Services 3 (RM6116) is the next iteration of the Network Services framework, after NS2.  It provides public sector buyers with access to networks and telecommunications services. This includes cloud services, audio and video conferencing, radio and satellite networking.

CCS outlined the new lot structure for the Network Services 3 framework:

Inter site connectivity
Lot 1a: WAN – Data Access Services
Lot 1b: Commercial Radio
Lot 1c: Tactical Radio
Lot 1d: Critical Domain Services
Intra site connectivity
Lot 2a: LAN – Local Connectivity Services
Emerging technologies
Lot 3a: IoT & Smart Cities – CCTV & Surveillance (ancillary)
Lot 3b: Communication Platform as a Service
Unified Communications
Lot 4a: Analogue Telephony
Lot 4b: Digital Communication Services (unified comms)
Lot 4c: Contact Centre
Lot 4d: Inbound Telephony
Lot 4e: Paging and Alerting

Benefits of RM6116

  • Provides a complete range of network services from network infrastructure to fully integrated communication suites
  • Introduces emerging technologies that reflect changes in the marketplace and future consumption of network solutions
  • Supports the government’s “cloud first” initiatives aimed at enabling public internet connectivity solutions, and migration off the Public Sector Network (PSN)
  • Attracts solution providers, service integrators and managed service providers who can remove the complexity of design from the end-user, and design, build and deliver solutions that provide cost and network optimisation
  • Providing a WAN/LAN RFQ template to enable more “further competition” on public internet connectivity solutions and ultimately provide customers with better value for money
  • Enabling direct awards on all lots for commoditised procurements
  • Enabling cross-lot competitions where managed services span across more than one capability

Carbon Reduction

Daisy has published a carbon reduction plan, you can find it on our individual supplier details page on the CCS site.

Daisy services are available on 8 lots. We achieved 100% on all quality questions and were awarded places on all lots that we applied for. The lots we feature on are:

  • Lot 1a Intersite Connectivity (WAN)
  • Lot 2a Intrasite Connectivity (LAN)
  • Lot 3a IoT/Smart Cities
  • Lot 3b CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service)
  • Lot 4a Analogue Telephony
  • Lot 4b Digital Communications Services
  • Lot 4c Contact Centre
  • Lot 4d Inbound Services