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DCS General Terms and Conditions for Supply of Products or Services Engineering Services Service Management Local Area Network Services Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services E-Backup Management Services.pdf E-Backup Management Services for Microsoft Backup Services Microsoft Cloud Services and Subscription Support Services Citrix Cloud Services Cloud Management Services (incl Azure) Daisy Cloud Platform Colocation Services Cloud Remote Technical Advice Services HSCN Connectivity Services Connectivity Services End User Service Desk Services Desktop Management Services Microsoft 365 Management Services Inbound Services Outbound Services SSV Management Remote Support P1 - UC Services P2 - Third Party OnlineUC Gamma P3 - Cirrus Services P4 - Teams Meeting Rooms Management Services P5 - UC Management Services P6 - UC MAC Services P7 - UC Remote Technical Advice Services P8 - Third Party Online UC Ringcentral Services SC P9 Third Party Online UC Content Guru Services SC X1 - Supply of Products X2 - Professional Services X3 - Standard Operational Services X3A - HSCN Standard Operational Services X4 - Customer Design Authority Services X5 – Rapid IT Workforce Services X6 – Community Learning Portal Services SC X7 Warehousing and Configuration Services X8 - Installation Services X9 - Training platform Management Services Serviced Office Microsoft Application Support Services N1 – Security Monitoring and Consultancy Services N3 – Managed Microsoft Defender for Servers SC N4 Security Assurance Services SC N5 Cyber Security Incident Response Services SC N6 Security Operation Centre Services SC H3 DPR Services for Microsoft 365 SC I8 Cloud Remote Technical Support Advice Services SC G2 WiFi Services