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Working with leading, best-of-breed technology vendors, Daisy delivers the best-fit solutions to optimise your data centre and on-premise infrastructure, simplifies storage administration, and maximises virtualisation savings.Configured, managed and supported by Daisy, drive the performance and agility you need to achieve your business outcomes.

Using Daisy means:

  • Fully-scalable provision from product supply through to large scale and complex managed deployments
  • Leading technology and vendor solutions – benefit from our Tier 1 partner relationships and vendor accreditations, driving excellence in projects and support
  • End-to-end expertise, as IT and communications continue to converge for increased functionality and flexibility
  • You can leverage our buying power to maximise your IT budget across your estate for hardware, software, networking and telecoms

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With so many new technologies and solutions, the rise of cloud computing and the convergence between IT and communications, it can be difficult to determine which products and solutions are worth the investment. In a competitive market that’s rapidly evolving, choosing and adopting new technology can be quite challenging.

Regardless of your industry or the size of your organisation, it’s important to keep up to date with technology advancements that can make a tangible difference to your competitiveness and ability to succeed in your market. It is equally important to buy into technology and solutions that specifically meet your individual requirements, with the ability to scale and develop in line with your business. At Daisy, we learn all about your business and advocate the right infrastructure and platforms to support your business profile, considering performance, cost and risk. Our breadth of vendor relationships at the highest level, ensures an agnostic approach that gives you the freedom of choice and agility to flex on your terms, backed by Daisy.

Virtualisation is the ability to simulate hardware, such as a server, storage device or network resource, in software platform. All of the functionality is separated from the hardware and simulated as a “virtual instance”, with the ability to operate just like a traditional hardware solution would. Server virtualisation uses software to divide one physical server into multiple, virtual and isolated environments that can be managed independently. Storage virtualisation uses software to identify available storage capacity from multiple physical devices. This then aggregates that capacity as a pool of storage that is managed from a central console and can be used in a virtual environment by virtual machines.
Our end-to-end capability removes the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and gives you a simple, single point of contact for the support of IT and communications. That means leveraging our scale to benefit your bottom line. From providing the simple things such as email and internal systems, right through to private and public cloud, network connectivity, voice telephony and mobility, our tailored SLA-driven Managed Services free you up to focus on the business-critical things that drive your performance.

“Today, to manage the built environment effectively, you have to digitise it in some way. We’re training drone pilots to give us digital images of areas… putting GoPro cameras on the front of trains to survey lines. It’s becoming much more of a digital environment. For us, it’s about using tools to get a better view or control of scope and scale.”
Bill Price, Systems and Technology Director at Costain


Servers, Storage & Virtualisation tailored to your business

Today’s business landscape is being driven by applications and software. The vast choice of platforms where you can place your applications, can present new risks that need to be identified and effectively managed to achieve an ‘always-on’ infrastructure. For example, the Internet of Things (IoT) is encroaching into our businesses and networks and raising security concerns that need to be addressed in new ways.

Daisy has more than 30 years’ experience managing customer infrastructures through a UK-wide workforce that is skilled across multiple technology platforms. We can help you build out your own on-premise infrastructure or let you use our secure data centre facilities. We design, roll out and support desktop and device estates, provide co-location and managed hosting services and deliver hybrid cloud platforms on which you can run your applications and services.

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