Thousand Eyes

End-to-end network transparent across any platform

Why ThousandEyes?

ThousandEyes provides an essential layer of visibility across networks and the cloud. It’s not just about monitoring; it’s about empowering you with real-time, actionable insights to foresee and rectify potential disruptions before they escalate into critical issues.

Why ThousandEyes? The answer lies in its capability to enhance the connectivity and security that are fundamental to your operations. You gain a panoramic view of your digital supply chain, enabling a proactive approach to network performance and health. This level of insight ensures that your business remains agile, resilient, and aligned with evolving digital demands.

Market insights

  • By 2025, 51% of IT spending will shift to the cloud
  • 58% of employees will continue to work from home on eight or more days each month
  • 98% of all business meetings will include at least one person joining from home.

Why Choose ThousandEyes?

  • Empower your digital workforce: Dive into unparalleled visibility of your remote workforce’s digital experience, enabling faster resolution of any IT hiccups.
  • Enhance application experience: Keep a keen eye on how your team interacts with web-based applications, ensuring smooth operations and boosted productivity.
  • Visualise network paths: Get a crystal-clear view of the connectivity journey from your device right through to your applications, whether they’re hosted on SaaS platforms or internally.