Cisco Umbrella

Streamlined and scalable modern cyber security

Understanding Cisco Umbrella

At its core, Cisco Umbrella acts as a protective shield for your digital activities. It’s a cloud-driven security service designed to keep your network and users safe from malicious websites and cyber threats. By blocking unsafe online destinations before a connection is even established, Cisco Umbrella ensures that your digital assets are both secure and efficient.

Ensuring network security

When someone within your network tries to access the internet, Cisco Umbrella steps in as the first checkpoint. It looks at the request and compares it against a vast database of known threats. If the request is for a risky or malicious site, it blocks it, keeping your network safe. This process happens almost instantly, minimising any delay in your internet access.
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Bringing the best of Cisco together

  • Intelligent Operations – streamline your digital infrastructure with actionable insights, optimising efficiency and performance.
  • [Icon] More Secure – rapidly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, substantially lowering risk across your entire network perimeter.
  • Cost-effective – Ensure maximum return on investment by allocating resources precisely where needed, eliminating overspend.

Better SASE for better performance

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Add Remote Workers Easily: Whether it’s a big team or just one person, add them instantly.
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Flexible Subscription: Our single subscription changes as your business does, always fitting your needs.
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Simple Meraki Integration: Connect your Meraki SD-WAN networks in just a few clicks – as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.
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Reliable Global Cloud: Count on our worldwide cloud for unbeatable reliability and speed.
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Boost Productivity: Work smarter from any device, anywhere.
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Quick to Start, Easy to Use: Get set up fast and manage everything without hassle.
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Better Troubleshooting: See everything in one place to fix issues faster.
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Top-Notch Security & Networking: Our cloud delivers the advanced security and networking you need, simply.
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Access Anywhere: Secure, easy access to your apps, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.
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Advantages of Cisco Umbrella SIG

With digital threats are continuously evolving, Cisco Umbrella keeps you ahead with its cloud-based approach, which means updates and upgrades are continuous and automatic. You get robust protection without the hassle of managing physical hardware or manual upgrades. Plus, being cloud-based allows for a flexible and scalable security solution that grows with your company.

icon Comprehensive protection – Your entire network gains a strong first line of defence against threats, safeguarding your data and infrastructure.
icon Simplicity – It simplifies your security setup by consolidating multiple security services into one streamlined solution.
icon Efficiency – Deployment is quick and management is straightforward, reducing the time and resources needed for your team to ensure network security.

Building blocks of comprehensive coverage

With threats to internet safety growing, having a solution like Umbrella or Cisco Secure Access means you can focus on your work without worrying about online threats.

icon DNS: Your Safety Net – Think of Domain Name System (DNS) as the internet’s address book. Every time you want to visit a website, your computer asks the DNS for the website’s address. With Umbrella DNS, we make sure this address book only guides you to safe and secure websites. This way, we stop threats even before your computer connects to a website. Over 30,000 organizations trust Umbrella DNS for a safer internet experience that’s both easy to set up and manage.

Umbrella doesn’t stop at just DNS security. It also includes features like filtering web content, stopping data theft, and blocking malware. It’s like having a security guard that checks every piece of data entering or leaving your network, ensuring nothing harmful gets through. All of this is managed from one place, making it simple to keep your network safe.

icon Secure internet gateway – Building on Umbrella DNS, Umbrella SIG adds more safety layers. It’s like upgrading from a sturdy lock to a full security system for your digital home. With this, you get extra protections like a firewall that works everywhere, not just in your office, and tools to see and control who uses cloud applications.

icon Secure Access – Cisco Secure Access is the next evolution. It takes everything Umbrella SIG does and adds new ways to connect securely from anywhere to any app on any device. It also simplifies how IT teams work, making their job easier while keeping your business running smoothly and securely.

Minimising Risk, Maximising Simplicity

icon Optimised for Users – Our comprehensive cyber security solution delivers an unparalleled user experience by ensuring seamless and secure connections across all applications, ports, and protocols. With us, users enjoy unhindered access to the resources they need, fostering productivity and satisfaction across your digital landscape.
icon Streamlined for IT teams – We simplify the complexity of cyber defence mechanisms. By consolidating deployment and management into a single console, offering a unified client interface and centralised policy oversight. This not only eases the operational burden on IT personnel but also enhances the efficiency of your cybersecurity infrastructure.
icon Fortified for Everyone – We recognise the critical importance of safeguarding your digital assets against threats. Our security measures are designed to mitigate risks effectively, ensuring the continuity of your business operations and protecting against the significant consequences of security breaches, creating a safer digital environment for all stakeholders.