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Helping your business continue when you suffer a breach

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Safe Haven can deliver you back to clean data, clean systems, clean network and clean location, so that you can continue to operate your business while your teams focus on managing the breach. Contact us today to discuss your plans and find out how we can help.

  • 88% of UK businesses reported being breached in the past 12 months...
  • ... of those, more than 25% have been breached 5 or more times
  • 89% reported that the threats they are experiencing are growing in complexity
  • 93% of UK organisations plan to increase cyberdefence spending
  • But what about the budget to continue the business effectively when breaches occur?

Safe Haven Invocation Examples

  • Sector: Financial
  • Size: Enterprise, Global
  • Type of Breach: Virus
  • Extent of Disruption: UK business
  • Duration of Recovery: 3 weeks
  • Recovery Type: Work area recovery for 60 critical staff and technology environment
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy
  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Size: Mid-Market, Global
  • Type of Breach: Ransomware
  • Extent of Disruption: Business-critical server
  • Duration of Recovery: 11 days
  • Recovery Type: Physical server shipped to site with on-site technical support
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy
  • Sector: Publishing
  • Size: Mid-market
  • Type of Breach: DDoS
  • Extent of Disruption: Company-wide network disruption
  • Duration of Recovery: 6 days
  • Recovery Type: Clean, separated ‘WiFi-in-a-box’ ship-to-site solution
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy
  • Sector: Construction
  • Size: Enterprise
  • Type of Breach: Ransomware
  • Extent of Disruption: 15 servers, tape drives & storage
  • Duration of Recovery: 48 hours
  • Recovery Type: Physical server recovery shipped to site with on-site technical support
  • Outcome: Achieved business continuity with Daisy

Don’t let a cyber breach stop your business

If ever there is a time to test your ability to “keep calm and always-on” it’s when your organisation has been hit with a cyber breach. Daisy can help. We have applied more than 30 years’ experience to this very modern problem and can deliver our Safe Haven services to you on-premise, or at our business continuity centres, depending on the nature and scale of your breach.

How does Safe Haven work?

Safe Haven uses our well-established, industry-leading business continuity services including FlexPlace (for work area recovery), FlexData (for data availability) and FlexConnect (for connectivity and communication). These can work together in any combination depending on the scope and type of your breach, to deliver the safe environment you need. While you are focused on managing a breach, you are at your most vulnerable, but still need to deliver services and communicate with your customers.

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Why Daisy for cyber breach management?

  • UK’s leading Business Continuity provider for 30 years
  • We recover on average one customer every week, year on year
  • We have multi-award-winning people, services and physical infrastructure
  • We protect more than 2.1 Petabytes of critical customer data
  • We have more than 7500 pre-configured work area recovery seats ready and waiting in the UK

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Business Continuity Invocations: What's the Cyber Difference?

Invocations due to a cyber breach are becoming more prevalent and on top of this, they have a longer-lasting impact compared to invocations for other common reasons, such as power, utilities, hardware or communications failure.
High profile - a cyber breach tends to be more damaging to an organisation's reputation (tip - this can be well-managed with a planned communications strategy as part of your business continuity planning)
Residual problems - a cyber breach tends to "drag on" with customers battling non-critical issues, long after the business is back up and running (customers often need to keep recovery systems on site for longer than six months after discovering a breach)

Daisy's Safe Haven service helps you avoid a long and costly business recovery, by providing on-premise options for your data and IT recovery and off-site options for your data, your IT and your people.

Video overview of Safe Haven

Andy Dunn, Sales Director, talks about Safe Haven