Why You Should Make The Move From ISDN To SIP Or Hosted VOIP [Video]

Openreach can no longer support the ageing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). So the PSTN & ISDN networks are being switched off.

Move away from legacy PSTN and ISDN services and opt for a cost-effective and straightforward alternative such as SIP Trunking. If you can still leverage services on your existing PBX, then SIP is the ideal solution. 2025 isn’t that far away, especially when considering such a pivotal change such as how your business communicates with your customers. Voice calls are not the only systems set to be affected by the move. Many businesses will use these analogue lines for other uses, including card machines, emergency alarms, door entry systems, lift lines, and remote monitoring systems, so you will have to consider these systems when planning your migration. Don’t put this off until it becomes a last-minute decision – future-proof your business today.

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