What business challenges can SD-WAN help overcome? | SD-WAN FAQ Video Series

In our SD-WAN FAQ video series, we answer the most frequently asked questions about SD-WAN adoption.

Mark Hall, Daisy Corporate Services’ connectivity expert, discusses how SD-WAN can help overcome some of the challenges facing businesses today in the first video of the series.

Question 1: What business challenges can SD-WAN help overcome?

There are many different business challenges that SD-WAN can help overcome. Ultimately, SD-WAN is about delivering agile, high performing networks that give organisations a huge amount of control over the way they build that network.

IT strategies today are integral to help businesses achieve their objectives, and legacy networking infrastructure can hold back a business in delivering on what it is they are trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking at adopting an increasing amount of cloud applications, integrating an acquisition that’s recently been made, have a range of anomaly sites that otherwise cannot connect back into the network, or simply just want to reduce cost – SD-WAN offers the ability to create and manage innovative wide area networking designs that enable rather than hold back that IT strategy.

Daisy works with Cisco to provide Meraki SD-WAN as a fully-managed service. Cisco is a leader in the Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure.

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