The Resurgence of Work Area Recovery

The Resurgence of Work Area Recovery

In today’s hybrid workplace, it’s easy to assume that traditional work area recovery (WAR) services have become obsolete. However, recent developments and evolving risks have shown that WAR is more relevant than ever. In this article, we explore how Daisy, a leading provider of operational resilience solutions, has revamped its award-winning WAR offerings to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic world. With increased customer adoption, the introduction of Cyber Business Recovery, and a focus on innovation, Daisy is proving that work area recovery is far from dead.

Adapting to the new normal:

The pandemic forced organisations to embrace remote work and reconsider the need for physical office space. As a result, many businesses abandoned their external WAR subscriptions and opted to utilise spare office space. However, as the world returns to normal operations, the availability of free office space has dwindled. This highlights the need for multiple viable strategies that align with each customer’s risk profile.

Next-generation work area recovery:

Daisy recognised the changing landscape and completely transformed its WAR solutions to suit the new normal. Traditional WAR services provided replacement offices for a limited number of critical employees within 24 hours. Daisy’s next-generation approach seamlessly integrates critical teams within minutes* of a disaster, leveraging its operational resilience infrastructure to enhance day-to-day availability and agility for entire workforces. By extending the scope and support of its services, Daisy goes beyond disaster insurance, offering day-to-day service availability.

Harnessing the power of technology:

Daisy harnesses the power of technology to connect critical users in WAR centres with those working remotely. This enables customers to recover more staff at a lower cost. Daisy’s operational resilience investment empowers organisations to handle peak demand, project work, and training, even in the absence of a disaster. The flexibility of this solution is exemplified by Birmingham City University, which utilises Daisy’s WAR locations during high-demand periods.

The rise of cyber workplace recovery:

In the wake of increased cyber-attacks during and after the pandemic, Daisy introduced its Cyber Workplace Recovery solution. This comprehensive offering combines operational resilience services, including WAR, data availability, connectivity, and communication. With cyber incidents accounting for a significant percentage of invocations, Daisy’s solution provides a safe environment for customers to manage breaches while maintaining service delivery and communication.

Commitment to industry advancement:

Daisy’s commitment to advancing the professionalism of the industry is evident through its proactive response to recent market shifts. When several suppliers unexpectedly left the WAR market, Daisy formed a dedicated project team to mitigate the immediate risk for affected businesses. This swift action led to the acquisition of 48 new clients, underscoring Daisy’s position as the leading provider of WAR services.


As the hybrid workplace continues to evolve, organisations must recognise the ongoing relevance and importance of WAR. Innovation, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence have propelled Daisy’s WAR solutions to new heights. Daisy’s investment in cutting-edge technology, the introduction of Cyber Business Recovery, and its dedication to advancing the industry all contribute to its status as a leader in operational resilience.

Work area recovery is alive and well. This service still forms part of many organisations’ approach to managing risk and achieving regulatory and compliance requirements.

* subject to keeping your images, patching, testing & rehearsing objectives up to date

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