The Kaleidoscope of Penetration Testing: Exploring the Colours and Strategies

George is back!

Join George and Ian in this exciting podcast episode as they delve deep into the world of Penetration Testing and explore its colours. In this episode, they will cover the following topics:

  • The Many Hats of Penetration Testing:? While most people are familiar with white, black, and grey hats in the cyber security industry, did you know that there are actually six different hats? Listen as Ian quizzes George on his hat knowledge and discover how well he fares.
  • Unveiling the Teams: Have you ever wondered about the significance of the Red, Blue, and Purple teams? George and Ian will shed light on these teams and the hats they wear. But that’s not all – they will also reveal the existence of four other teams: White, Green, Yellow, and Orange. Tune in to uncover the meanings behind these teams and explore the type of testing each team undertakes.
  • Purple Team Testing: Get ready for a riveting deep dive into Purple Team Testing and why it is essential for all organisations. George and Ian will provide valuable insights into what organisations should be doing to enhance their security practices.

Don’t miss out on this knowledge-packed episode! Join George and Ian on this captivating journey as they unravel the fascinating colours of Penetration Testing. Hit play and expand your understanding of cyber security testing strategies.

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