Is It Time You Called for Backup?


House your data in the suite it deserves with Data Protection and Recovery services from Daisy.

By 2025, the IDC predicts that the amount of worldwide data will have swelled to over 163ZB – more than 10 times than is existence today. And it’s expected that at least 60% of this will be both created and managed by enterprises.

In addition, the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) back in May as well as MiFID II back in January means that the marketplace as a whole must now focus on the management, retention and resilience of business-critical data.

The protection of data has undoubtedly always been a priority for businesses, but the rapidly escalating volumes and the relevance of the data that the digital economy is creating today, means that it is becoming an increasingly complex and expensive task to manage.


Because data is the new currency of the business world – and, just as the likes of Google, Facebook and others have shown, is just as valuable. The exponential increase in data from the internet, mobile devices, digital business processes, and the Internet of Things (IoT) provides businesses with invaluable potential assets that can be leveraged for competitive gain.

But it also provides more points of attack. With more than 600 data breaches occurring this year alone,  cyber threats such as ransomware suggests that hackers are becoming evermore sophisticated, audacious and professional meaning that businesses need to be smarter than ever in protecting against or regaining control over affected devices or files.

The data challenge

But without the right tools and strategies, the value of these assets usually goes unrealised. Worse, the deluge of data flooding enterprise systems can create expensive storage management and backup nightmares. Most legacy data centres and applications simply weren’t built to handle the volume of data generated by the modern mobile and digital economy.

All of this data has to be securely stored and protected at all times to prevent loss from power outages, natural disasters and human error. Indeed, failure to securely scale data storage and backup in an increasingly distributed computing environment can make or break businesses as they strive to grow.

Losing control of data is the greatest risk facing businesses today, therefore the protection and management of that data is critical to the success of any business going forward. That’s why Daisy has applied 30 years of business recovery expertise to enhance its protection offering to customers.

Simplifying the often complex and expensive means of handling data, we have introduced blended live and archive technologies with the data protection and recovery suite, delivering real business value and making protection and resilience much more effective.

Introducing …

Simple to deploy, cost-effective and compliant, backup solutions are built specifically to each customer, meaning you can simply take what you need from any level in a way that best suits your needs and enjoy peace of mind that your business-critical data is protected.

So what do we mean by Data Protection & Recovery? Essentially, we mean all things relating to the backup, replication and recovery of your data, and we are able to provide these as standalone services, or combined, to focus on the service and outcomes for customers, and not just the underlying technology.

This simplified, unified proposition offers three levels of both cost and capability – Essential, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus – all of which help in addressing the compliance and risk requirement surrounding legislation such as GDPR as well as aligning to a customer’s ever-changing business profile.


This self-managed service delivers an off-site secure copy of your data, helping with the recovery of lost data, protecting against data corruption or ransomware attacks.

Essentials can be applied to any data or device in the business, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones and servers for secure off-site backup and data restoration. Key essential components for any business are provided to ensure the running and maintaining of a compliant backup solution for important business data.

To help with your GDPR compliance, we ensure that your backup data is kept no longer than necessary, is processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security, is readily accessible, and can be granularly erased at the same level it was backed up.


Enterprise covers the mid-market corporate business that demands more from its data resilience and recoverability and can be applied to any data sources within the business for secure compliant backup and data recovery.

The proactive management elements utilising active archive storage solutions can target recovery times and take the pressure off your primary storage. With additional service support from Daisy, the data protection profile can change in line with the demands of your business. Customers can still maintain a level of control and self-provisioning but with the peace of mind of Daisy Services in support.

Meanwhile, additional Managed Services support cover offers setup management support, a weekday business hours support line and a customer self-service GUI for backup management and data recovery.

Enterprise Plus

Finally, Enterprise Plus provides definitive data management and recovery services for those businesses that require secure data protection strategies to support their digital agenda.

With a complete 24/7/365 data management and recovery service from Daisy, Enterprise Plus ensures the security and viability of your data while proactively managing the data backup profile to ensure the fastest possible recovery of a single file or a full systems recovery if required. Bespoke implementation services, setup and management support and fully-managed backup services with recovery support are also included with the Managed Services cover.

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