Introducing a New Integrated Service for Better Cyber Protection

2020 saw the need for remote working with more endpoints connected to the corporate network than ever before. This gave rise to an increase in cybercrime and new vulnerabilities to be exploited. So how do you handle this?

What’s the problem?

Ransomware and other cybercrime is rife, to the extent that no organisation is immune: we are simply all targets. We know that for a ransomware attack to be successful, it needs two things. It needs to find a “way in” through your security defences and it needs your data to be vulnerable.

Protecting data and ensuring its availability has been a top priority for IT managers for many years now, and the growing cyberthreat has escalated IT security to critical importance. IT managers are faced with a vast array of security solutions and growing complexity of their infrastructure, making data protection and security ever-moving targets.

What is Acronis by Daisy?

To address the threats of managing security across a complex risk and technology landscape, Acronis by Daisy integrates backup and disaster recovery, with security and device management in one single solution. This removes complexity and enables you to avoid downtime, data loss and security breaches at a lower cost. It also makes it a much easier process for you to obtain certifications such as Cyber Essentials.

How does it work?

This all-in-one solution is particularly effective because it covers all of your endpoints: your mobiles, laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines and also cloud suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace. A comprehensive range of licence, install and managed service packages lets you mix and match options across your IT estate so that it protects everything you need in a way that suits your requirements. Some of your IT assets will need a higher level of protection than others and need to be recovered quicker following an incident.

Why is Acronis by Daisy different?

The combination of security, backup and device management, and the ability to protect so many endpoints makes this a forward-thinking solution. Daisy’s comprehensive credentials in security and its unrivalled position and heritage in the business continuity industry, set this service apart in the UK. As the continued increase in cyberthreats brings the worlds of business continuity and security closer together, Acronis by Daisy is already ahead of the market.


Acronis by Daisy is your swiss army knife for cyber protection, with backup, disaster recovery, antivirus protection in one – great for protection against ransomware and other cyber nasties.

Acronis by Daisy
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