Hyper-flexible deployment of cloud-managed networks… why should you care? [Blog]

Head of Connectivity Mark Hall explains why complete deployment flexibility of cloud-managed networks is so important for multiple business sectors and scenarios

If you’ve read our recent blog on the transformative potential of cloud-managed networking (“Why Should You Care?”), you’ll know that flexibility of deployment is one of several compelling reasons why all kinds of organisations are already making the switch.

You’ll also know that our partners at Extreme Networks are the fastest growing provider in this already rapidly developing market (set to triple by 2024)… not least because they take simplicity and flexibility to a whole new level, giving you and your network the best possible journey to the cloud.

Why is this flexibility so important?

All businesses operate differently and have different networking needs – often combined with strong existing preferences as to their cloud provider (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform etc.) and type of cloud environment (public, private or “cloud edge”).

With ExtremeCloud™ IQ, Extreme Networks’ end-to-end cloud management solution, you can deploy and consume cloud-managed networking in whatever way suits you best, while enjoying all the benefits it brings in terms of business efficiency, reduced capex/opex and, most importantly, transformative use of data, analytics and insight. Read more about how cloud-managed networking can enhance your competitive edge and bottom line.

Just how flexible is ExtremeCloud™IQ… and how do I benefit?


1. Public cloud users

Because Extreme is the only cloud networking vendor to deploy on all the major cloud platforms, organisations can stay with their cloud provider of choice – with no fuss and no disruption to their preferred way of doing business:

  • Countless organisations have a strong existing relationship with Microsoft, which provides the bulk of their IT software estate. In cases like these, ExtremeCloud™ IQ can be deployed on Azure. This is frequently the case in healthcare and education.
  • For retailers and others who seek a cloud provider with strong data analytics capability, we’re often asked to deploy on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Other customers prefer to work with Amazon Web Services, the biggest public cloud provider, again, Daisy and Extreme are happy to oblige.

As well as being a scalable, flexible and convenient option, deployment through a private cloud allows ExtremeCloud™ IQ to aggregate metadata from a wider selection of client networks and analyse it using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This in turn yields richer, more robust insights to help optimise individual clients’ network performance.

2. Private cloud and “cloud edge” deployment options

What about organisations (often in finance, law and other professional services) who want to combine the benefits of public cloud with total data sovereignty? We enable you to manage a private, contained cloud environment that sits within the public infrastructure of Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform, leveraging three ISO certifications. Read more about Extreme’s data security certifications and compliance with global standards.

For organisations who operate at a maximum level of data sensitivity, security and environmental control (we’re thinking government, defence contractors and the like), we offer the same cloud-managed networking services in a “cloud edge” (or on-premise) environment via your own datacentre, or as a managed service through Daisy’s ultra-secure equivalent installations.

Simple, transparent licensing

This ethos of flexibility extends to Extreme Networks’ licensing approach. “Pilot” licences are the same for networks of any size and sophistication, while feature licences range from standard to premium, depending on the management features required. Better still, all licences are fully portable to ensure maximum convenience. And now, you have all five of the ‘Essential Applications’ (Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS), location services, IoT, guest management and compliance) included at no extra cost with ExtremeCloud™ IQ’s standard Pilot subscription license.

We hope you enjoyed this overview… remember, deployment flexibility is just one factor that makes cloud-managed networking such a must-have. What next? Learn more about how to leverage your investment after switching to cloud-managed networks.


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