How Resilient is Your Organisation?

Daisy poses questions that could provide some food for thought concerning your resilience.

Or, they might reassure you that you have all your bases covered.  Have a quick check through to find out!

1. Your IT department has put together an impressive regime of backup and recovery planning and tells you that systems and data are your company is fully resilient. That sounds great, but what about the rest of the business?

Unless you are an IT company, your systems and data are there simply to support your key business activities.

  • If you were to suffer an incident that caused a disruption to your ability to provide goods or service to your customers for an extended period, do you have plans in place to stop your customers feeling the impact of this disruption so that you do not lose them to your competitors?

2. Do you understand the ways that your internal departments, your external suppliers and your customers all fit together to form your organisation’s supply chain?

  • Do you know where the weaknesses and single points of failure are?
  • Do you know how bad it would be for you if one or more of your key suppliers stop supplying you?
  • Do you know how bad it would be for you if you lost your biggest customer?

3. Do you know how an incident that affects your reputation might affect your customers’ perception of you and therefore your market share?

  • If something bad happens, and your top management finds themselves explaining the problem to an aggressive national media, do they know how to handle this?
  • How would your management deal with the effects of a serious incident without access to normal infrastructures, such as your office building, plant or factory?
  • Does your management team have a written plan for how to deal with the effects of a serious incident, and manage your organisation’s recovery?
  • Have they tested this plan?

4. Do you recognise the term “risk management” in your organisation?

  • Is there someone on your board or management team with the responsibility for identifying, managing and treating your organisation’s risk?
  • Does that person have the help and expertise that she or he needs?

If the answers to any of these questions give your cause for concern, Daisy can help.  Our award-winning team of experts can assist you with every facet of planning and implement a framework of resilience in your organisation.

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