Distribution Company Uses Daisy’s Cyber Business Recovery to Restore Operations After a Breach


We are all potential victims of a cyber attack and with the threat landscape increasing in volume and complexity all the time, breaches are no longer a possibility – they are inevitable. When a cyber breach occurs, it can bring an entire environment to a stop and this means that the processes and functions underpinned by the affected technology also stop. Recovering from an attack can take a long time – this is where Daisy’s cyber business recovery comes into play.

Find out how we helped a distribution company to restore operations after a breach…

Due to the nature of the cyber breach the company was unable to go back to a single known good point with their backups. They needed a secure, clean environment to rebuild their IT infrastructure in a safe, consistent manner over an extended period of time.

The Attack

The customer assumed that having data also stored at a second, offsite location provided them protection from any disaster. Unfortunately, being on the same network meant that their second site was just as vulnerable as their primary site.

Due to the nature of the attack and their backup policies, there was no single consistent point to recover back to. The recovery was a balancing act of finding good clean backups, and then integrating them into the new clean production environment.

How Daisy Helped – Cyber Business Recovery

  • We provided a secure, clean environment for the customer to recover into
  • Following the attack we worked with the customer to review their data protection requirements
  • We then deployed a true offsite, air gapped Veeam solution with local hardened Veeam repositories and immutable backups

Key Takeaways

A second site is still “on net” and thus internal to your business which means that:

  • If your production environment is compromised, unfortunately, so is your disaster recovery site
  • With full access to your network and administrative accounts, any site and system is in scope for an attack

Need help?

Daisy’s cyber business recovery can deliver you back to clean data, clean systems, clean networks and clean locations, so that you can continue to operate your business while your teams focus on managing the breach. Contact us today to discuss your plans and find out how we can help your business.

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