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3 Ways To Make Your Business Futureproof

Daisy offers the perfect platform for organisations looking to convert their workplaces to digital or virtual environments. With a complete, unified portfolio, we’ve got you covered, including networking, security, cloud management and IoT.
How IT connects anyone anywhere



Optimise your traffic securely between sites and all multi-cloud environments – public and private
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Modern businesses rely on mobile workforces and cloud-based data and apps. To stay agile, IT must simplify infrastructure by adopting a single network with unified security for users and applications.

SD-WAN simplifies infrastructure, providing one network and security framework for users and applications. It replaces traditional technologies like MPLS and VPN with software-defined networking (SDN) for improved app performance and user experiences across geographically dispersed locations.


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Power a hybrid workplace that puts the focus on employee safety, productivity, experience and space utilisation, using IoT, rich maps and your existing network infrastructure
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Every laptop, phone, camera, and IoT device that connects to your network provides data and insights that can help you achieve better outcomes by making a business safer, your building smarter, and your wireless connectivity more seamless.

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More organisations are investing in smart buildings and adding smart capabilities to existing facilities to allay pressure from regulations and fines, improve sustainability in line with employee wishes, and boost operating margins squeezed by high energy costs.

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Deliver individualised experiences – at scale – to promote health and safety for employees, visitors, partners, and more.


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Deliver an in-office experience anywhere
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At home, in the office, or on the road, Daisy ensures your team and employees are effective. Supporting this varied model of working with built-in flexibility and resiliency that protects everyone’s experience is what we do.

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Whether it’s enabling remote workers to be more productive or delivering a healthy connection to far-away resources, our solution enables access from any device to any cloud.

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Hire the best person for the job, wherever they are, and know they have the tools to succeed.

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As a Cisco Gold Partner for more than 20 years, Daisy has more than 50 Cisco certified staff who have the expertise and experience required to deploy connectivity solutions powered by Cisco Meraki that can increase agility, productivity, and competitiveness for your organisation.

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