Daisy Quick-start: A Solid Foundation that Moves With You…

Flexible, fast and fully-operational: the building blocks for a successful construction site.

Construction sites are bustling by nature. In these fast-paced, and busy environments, problems with communication and information sharing are pretty inevitable. Project-critical information can be fragmented and more often than not, only certain site staff have access to it. This leads to low productivity, delays and misunderstandings.

But the everyday chaos of a site is only one of the reasons behind communication problems. As construction sites continue to grow in both size and complexity, the methods and tools used for effective communication are getting left behind.

Sharing information by word of mouth and paper-based documentation are still common methods used across the industry; there’s the added complication of an absence of common processes between each site.

Therefore, the ideal communication system for any construction company is one that is both robust and reliable. One that is able to handle the multiple communication channels and moving parts of a site while ensuring there is no data loss in transit.

Professionals in the construction industry need to be able to keep track of the wide array of conversations that take place over various settings. Conversations with the customer ought to be clearly translated to ensure that the delivery happens in the timely manner expected by the client.

Time to employ Daisy Quick-start?

So when you get the green light on a construction project, you’ll want to get your onsite office up and running as quickly as possible. But more often than not it can take weeks, if not months, to secure a fixed line internet connection, while ensuring it’s a robust, secure system can cause even further delays.

Introducing Daisy Quick-start. This complete, tailor-made service is a flexible, fast and most importantly secure way to get you up, running and fully-operational in no time. Forget waiting 30 days for a fixed line, with Daisy as your sole provider and 4G connectivity, work can commence immediately – and for a fraction of the cost.

Quick-start also gives you the option to include hardware in your setup. From laptops, PCs and tablets, to phones and printers, right through to the cabling, routers and access points as well as all of the relevant licences required for the software. Furthermore, its inherent security features provide peace-of-mind in the knowledge that next-generation firewalls are in place, network separation is available and intrusion detection is always active while providing separate WiFi portals for guests and contractors.

As flexible as you are…

Going to be on site for a while?

Build a longer-term solution by installing fixed line fibre or Ethernet lines in parallel and leave your 4G connectivity in place as a reliable backup. Alternatively, because Quick-start has been designed on the understanding that as sites progress, there is a greater need for mobility, you can simply move your site office. These robust, secure and portable solutions are designed to last so simply take everything with you and start again.

Small to large and everything in between, whatever size your site, you can rely on Daisy Quick-start to get you up and running quickly, securely, and with all the flexibility you need.

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