The Cloud Skills Shortage: How To Weather The Skills Gap Storm [eGuide]

The cloud skills shortage

  • Hiring a new employee costs employers 20% of wages and takes 27.5 days on average 
  • 94% of organisations are struggling to find the right cloud talent
  • 90% report a lack of skills in multiple cloud disciplines
  • This demand results in high wages, high staff churn and cloud talent poaching

With stats like these, it's no wonder organisations are looking for a solution to the cloud skills shortage. But where are the majority (77%) of organisations turning?

What is the solution?

Where are 77% of enterprises turning to find a solution to the cloud skills shortage?

The cloud offers businesses major opportunities and breaks down boundaries we didn’t even realise we were facing, changing consumer behaviour and enterprise forever. However, the skills shortage and lack of talent could reduce the cloud’s “transformation” efforts.

So how do you ensure your organisation has the skills and staff at its disposal that it needs to thrive?

Download our Cloud Skills Shortage eGuide and find out how organisations are solving these problems, and how you too can get the most out of your cloud investment.

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