Building Operational Resilience: What’s Next?

Building Operational Resilience: What's Next?

We’ve been talking to our customers and have identified some of the main challenges that businesses seem to be facing around operational resilience.

The 31st March deadline may have passed for financial firms to prepare and document the PRA self-assessments, but while financial institutions have identified their Important Business Services, many have not yet carried out the required testing to demonstrate they are able to recover from potential disruptions.

In our latest video Martin Lewis head of our operational resilience sales specialist team highlights how our team of experts are helping businesses like yours to address these issues.

Watch video

Watch our quick video to see how Daisy are helping businesses like yours with FCA compliance, including;

  • Bridging the IT skills gap
  • Limited resources
  • Delivering documented, tested and evidential documentation ready for auditors 
  • Using real estate more efficiently
  • Maximising data security and compliance

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