Building Operational Resilience: What’s Next?

Building operational resilience has become an increasingly important issue for businesses in recent times, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized its significance. In light of this, we have been conducting discussions with our customers and have identified some of the main challenges that businesses are facing around operational resilience.

Although the 31st March deadline for financial firms to prepare and document the PRA self-assessments has passed, many financial institutions are still grappling with the challenge of carrying out the required testing to demonstrate their ability to recover from potential disruptions. This has highlighted the need for businesses to not only identify their Important Business Services but to also test and ensure that they have effective strategies in place to manage and recover from potential disruptions.

To help businesses address these challenges, our team of operational resilience experts are dedicated to providing support and guidance to ensure that businesses are able to build and maintain effective resilience strategies. In a recent video, Martin Lewis, Head of our operational resilience sales specialist team, emphasizes how our team of experts can assist businesses in identifying potential risks and implementing effective resilience measures. With our support, businesses can confidently navigate the ever-changing business environment and ensure they are well-prepared to overcome any potential disruptions.

Watch our video on building operational resilience

Watch our quick video to see how Daisy are helping businesses like yours with FCA compliance, including;

  • Bridging the IT skills gap
  • Limited resources
  • Delivering documented, tested and evidential documentation ready for auditors 
  • Using real estate more efficiently
  • Maximising data security and compliance

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