6 Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Be Using Cloud PBX

Having a cloud-based PBX solution offers huge benefits for your business and employees, as well as your network, data infrastructure, and IT resources. But when part of your organisation is still using an on-premises communications system, they’re missing out on the flexibility and mobility that’s needed for today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Read how switching the rest of your organisation over to RingCentral’s cloud-based business communications system offers dramatic advantages over on-premises solutions:

Boost flexibility for your business
You want a system that grows—or scales down—and adapts with your entire company. Cloud communications provide you with flexibility and easy deployment and setup. RingCentral offers instant access to inbound and outbound call capacity, so however your needs change, your communications capabilities will flex to match. Our cloud-based solution also enables any person from your IT department to manage your phone systems.

Unify business communications
Some of your locations might be using a patchwork of tools: including separate apps for video conferencing, texting, and calling. This disjointed approach can make communication difficult, and it can get costly. With RingCentral, you’ll have a UC platform with all of your users on it, increasing productivity and eliminating the need for third-party products that aren’t reliable.

Support mobile and remote workers
On-premises systems are inherently built for those who work in the office, leaving remote workers and those on the go with limited resources. With cloud services, you get advanced analytics, call queues, and diagnostic analytics that continue even after your team leaves the office. For salespeople and executives, having a secure connection that will allow them to flip from one device to another is critical to getting things done.

Reduce infrastructure and management costs
On-premises PBX systems can be expensive, depending on the age and maintenance required. And if you’re dealing with multiple locations, you could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Switching your entire company to a cloud-based solution will eliminate heavy investments in hardware and wiring, along with the need to pay for ongoing specialised support and maintenance.

Benefit from constant innovation
Some legacy PBX systems come with a limited feature set. If new tools become available, you’re limited to the hardware’s capabilities of that office. RingCentral updates are always free and automatic, and they come with the latest and greatest features with no impact to users or disruption to business. Why not provide them to all your employees?

Greater control from anywhere
While it might seem that having an on-premises PBX system equals more control, cloud-based communications offer centralised control and visibility, especially when it comes to analytics and troubleshooting. If an employee switches a call from in-house to their mobile device outside your network, you lose the ability to track the agent’s performance or address issues if problems arise. Cloud-based systems also have built-in redundancy for when unexpected issues occur, eliminating the service delays and costs to dispatch IT or the need to call a third party for support.

Choosing Daisy and RingCentral can offer you a faster, Gartner-endorsed route to powerful, future-proofed communications. As a RingCentral Diamond Partner, we can deliver and support on RingCentral’s cloud communications and collaboration platform, facilitating seamless interactions and teamwork.

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