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There’s no such thing as infallible IT security. The biggest and the best digital businesses have suffered devastating breaches, despite their impressive security budgets and mature strategies. It’s no longer a question of if your organisation will be breached, but when and how badly. The critical thing is to be able to respond quickly and effectively to limit any damage, when a breach happens.

We help customers build a comprehensive incident response strategy, putting procedures and systems in place to quickly react to a security breach when it happens, as well as contingencies for critical systems and applications.

Availability Services

Daisy is the UK’s leading provider of business continuity services, with an award-winning portfolio of work area recovery and data recovery services to meet all recovery point and recovery time objectives. Our services help you prepare for, reduce the likelihood of, and manage a security breach. If the worst happens, our Safe Haven services can get your business back up and running while you deal with the breach. Lean more >>

Security Incident Response

So the worst has happened and you’ve suffered a breach, what do you do?
Experience has shown that swift action is critical, but many organisations lack the expertise to identify what steps should be taken and which actions to prioritise. Your incident response team will first make sure the current situation is fully understood, based on how the incident has been detected and what measures have already been taken. We will then work with you to investigate the full extent of the incident while providing advice and regular updates on progress.