IT Disaster Recovery

Replacement IT when disaster strikes and for capacity on demand

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Technology for recovery and business as usual

More than just traditional IT Disaster Recovery (ITDR)

Daisy provides every aspect of IT Disaster Recovery delivered to meet the flexible, agile demands of the modern business. These are ready for use when normal business IT operations are interrupted by an unexpected or unplanned event, for testing and development of new technologies alongside legacy systems, new policies for GDPR compliance and so on. With our UK infrastructure spanning more than 30 locations throughout the UK, Daisy’s services are designed to get you the support you need, as soon as you need it, wherever you are in the UK.

Safe Haven cyber-attack on-premise management

We deliver the capability for you to continue operating after a cyberattack with rapidly despatched uninfected bare metal and/or virtual platforms. If it is not part of your cyber plan, it should be! Traditional IT DR services have become more relevant with the advent and proliferation of cyber threats, and organisations are starting to invest more in business continuity solutions as a result. When new ways of working open the floodgates for risk, you need an old-fashioned but reliable fall-back.

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Physical or virtual systems recovery

Includes mobile recovery and ship-to-site services

Whether you need to recover your systems virtually or physically, Daisy has got a suitable recovery option. Because you never know what type of incident may disrupt your infrastructure, we offer you a choice of flexible recovery options when you need them. Daisy has award-winning dedicated virtual recovery platforms that are suitable for recovering all technologies on line, and if required, can be dedicated for your sole use, or made available as a shared service. We’ll also hold physical stock of your critical systems ready to ship to you when things go wrong. This service is sometimes called ship-to-site or relocatable recovery, and comprises stock held in our secure business continuity facilities either for your dedicated use or available as a syndicated service. These are preconfigured (dedicated) or set up on invocation (if syndicated) and delivered via our 40ft mobile recovery trailers or individually by a qualified Daisy business continuity engineer, depending on your chosen service option. Our mobile fleet can deliver replacement hardware, computer room and office facilities directly to your door. Our diverse fleet includes specialist technology platforms and with some options pre-configured, we can get your kit on the road fast. The service includes high speed LAN, WAN support and even a dedicated power source if needed.

Tech on Demand

We can deliver quickly deployed, additional IT to help you to scale up when things are going well and deliver business-as-usual value from what was historically only a “disaster recovery” expense. You don’t need CAPEX outlay to support ad hoc or seasonal usage.
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