Cloud Security

Protect servers, infrastructure and data on-premise or in the cloud.

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As users increasingly work remotely and applications move towards the cloud, protecting your virtual perimeter is increasingly difficult, but absolutely vital. Daisy’s long experience with delivering cloud solutions means we’re ideally placed to help protect your organisation, wherever and whenever.

Secure Backup

To ensure your resilience, it’s just as important to protect and secure your backup environment as it is your live data, whether it exists on-premise, on endpoint devices or in the cloud – especially now that the perimeter is virtual. We have a security solution that protects your backups and your live data.

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Secure Cloud

Cloud Computing is taking the IT world by storm but brings with it greatly increased risks of unsecured data and workloads. By working with leading cloud security partners such as Palo Alto and Cisco, Daisy is able to protect your infrastructure whether you are in a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud environment.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web applications are now business critical within most organisations, but are increasingly vulnerable to costly and brand-damaging cyberattacks. When your company is targeted you will want a reliable Web Application Firewall to monitor input and output and carefully control access that blocks unauthorised attempts. Daisy’s WAF can be delivered as a managed service to give you peace of mind that your applications will be readily available to legitimate users and impregnable to everyone else.


The endpoint is the last line of defense and the most commonly exploited device in your network. By partnering with leading anti-virus and next-generation endpoint protection providers, Daisy can deliver the most appropriate protection to meet your business requirements and take the headache away from complex anti-virus management solutions.