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A HP workstation for demanding applications

Z8 G5 – for processor intensive workloads

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HP Z8 G5 Workstation Desktop PC

Take on processor-intensive workloads. Relentlessly.

The Z8 G5 offers more CPU performance than ever before, in a classic dual-socket design, to accelerate rendering with real-time ray tracing, data visualisation, and model training — plus plenty of room to expand as demands change.

Unthrottled, real-time performance
Tackle processor-intensive workflows with up to 64 cores across 2 Intel® Xeon® CPUs, 2 GPUs and 1 TB DDR5 RAM. With a world class acoustic design, this PC runs whisper-quiet.

Maximise your IT lifecycle
Designed for simpler IT management, the Z8 G5 desktop workstation is built for longevity with a 3 year lifecycle – longer than entry workstations. Plan for the future and avoid re-qualifying devices every year, saving you serious time and money.

Upgrade. Expand. Evolve.
Easily expand as work evolves with room for up to 2 high-end graphics cards, 1 TB memory, 136 TB storage, and more.
Smart fan control
Smart fan control keeps the system whisper-quiet by tuning fan speeds in real-time using over 20 temperature sensors. Precisely placed vents and ducts streamline airflow and heat removal.

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