Simplifying our UK data out of bundle rates

With our huge portfolio of active tariffs, our customers currently see a variety of rates for UK out of bundle data charges. These variables can be based on the age of a tariff, the availability of a tariff, or the type of connection. All of these make publishing rates complicated and almost impossible to manage. In our bid to become our customers’ favourite supplier, we know that we need to simplify this and ensure that the call rating we pass onto our customers is clear, accurate and in line with published, standardised rates.

As such, we will be implementing a price change to unify our UK data out of bundle rates across all tariffs on Vodafone. This will also be relevant to both ‘voice and data’ and ‘data only’ connections. The new rate will be 5p* per MB and this will take effect from 1 August 2016.

Daisy offers a wide range of data bolt-ons that can help manage and reduce out of bundle costs. For more information, please contact your account manager or the customer service team.

* Price excludes VAT