Fair Usage Policy – Inclusive roaming allowances

Inclusive roaming services on Daisy’s mobile tariffs have been built for business users who travel periodically, and not those who roam across foreign networks on a semi-permanent or permanent basis.

To make sure all of our customers use the mobile plans fairly, we will monitor usagefor four month period for each mobile service used.

We will consider the following points when assessing your usage:

  • Use in Roam Like at Home (RLAH) destinations will be reviewed against usage in the UK and outside RLAH destinations.
  • Proof of domestic presence within the UK
  • If a customer uses their mobile in destinations outside the UK that qualify for inclusive access to standard bundles (this includes those countries that qualify for daily roaming services such as World Travel Select and/or legislation such as Roam Like At Home), for more than 60% of the time in any four-month rolling period, we will notify the customer to confirm what we have noticed.

If a customer’s usage continues to exceed 60% as described above over the subsequent four-week period following the first notification, Daisy will an explanation from the customer for the usage over the relevant period. If no suitable explanation is received, Daisy may apply charges in line with your tariff.