MPAY Billing Correction

It came to our attention in December 2017 that in some cases MPAY events, such as charity donations, TV voting, service payment via SMS were not charging correctly. These services allow the end user to pay directly, via their mobile device, for a service that would usually require a cash transaction. As such these events should always be charged on to the end user at full price, and essentially remain unaffected by invoice discounts or inclusive bundles.

Previously, with Daisy Mobile, this was not the case in some instances we were discounting or bundling these charges in error. We corrected this issue as of 1st February 2018. In the event you have concerns around charges occurring for these call types we can apply both Premium SMS and specific MPAY bars for Vodafone customers, and O2 customers can apply a single Premium SMS bar that covers MPAY events.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.