Important Mobile EU Regulations – coming June 2017

From 15 June 2017, a new mobile legislation will come into play that will change how people use their mobiles whilst roaming abroad in Europe, thus impacting their charges.

Roam Like At Home (RLAH) – what is it?

The new legislation, Roam Like At Home, in simple terms means there will be no surcharges or increased rates for users when roaming in the EU.

What does this mean?

For customers, this new ruling will mean greatly reduced costs and peace of mind whilst travelling in the EU.

For networks and service providers, such as Daisy, it means we must ensure that customers are able to use their devices in other countries within the EU, based on rates and rules almost identical to that which they receive on their home network. Providers will also have a responsibility to ensure that all their customers who have already purchased tariffs with inclusive UK bundles (for example 500 minutes, 500 SMS and 500MB of data) have a sufficient allowance to utilise in the EU at no additional cost, should they require it.

Products such as Daisy Euro Travel and EU-specific bolt-ons will need to be retired or replaced using standard bundle rates.

What next?

Daisy’s mobile team is undertaking a full review of all live products including tariffs, bolt-ons and services. Almost all tariffs will require modification to allow for users’ UK allowances to work abroad at no additional costs.

We are also working on a new, extremely competitive, proposition to be unveiled alongside the market-leading tariff, Select & Share. This will ensure our customers have access to some of the best deals in the marketplace.

When will we announce and implement these changes?

This is an extremely important project and we are working hard to ensure all changes are in line with the legislation. We will communicate our plans and clearly highlight any changes that customers can expect to see by early May 2017.