Immediate Mobile Rate Adjustments on Vodafone

Effective immediately, we will be adjusting our out of bundle rates in line with Vodafone’s updated pricing, released on 23 July 2016. For more information about these changes and to view the updated pricing, please see below.

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What is changing?
Further to Vodafone’s pricing changes, implemented on 23 July 2016, we will be adjusting our own out of bundle rates to fall in line with the network.
All updated pricing is highlighted below.

Call type description NEW cost (pence per unit)
On net 45.84p per minute
Cross net 45.84p per minute
Landlines 45.84p per minute
Voicemail 45.84p per minute
SMS 29.17p per text
MMS 45.84p per minute
Video call 45.84p per minute
Video call – international 47.5p per minute
Call return – Vodafone (upto 3600 seconds) Free of charge
Call return – Vodafone (over 3600 seconds) 45.84p per minute
Call return – landline 45.84p per minute
Call return – cross net 45.84p per minute
Call return – personal numbering service 55.34p per minute
International call – Europe 125p per minute
International call – Rest of world 167p per minute
International SMS 29.17p per message
Non-geo access charge (084 & 087)* 45.84p per minute
Premium call access charge (09)* 45.84p per minute
Directory enquiries access charge (118)* 45.84p per minute
Freephone (0800) Free of charge
Radio paging services (i.e. 076) 45.84p per minute
Personal Numbering Services (i.e. 070) 45.84p per minute
Call Forwarding Services (i.e. 07744/07755) 45.84p per minute
Data 5p per MB**

*Provider service charges apply in addition to access charge rates supplied
** This price change was announced in July, but goes live 01/08/2016

All of our prices changes are being implemented with immediate effect and will be visible from 1 August 2016.

How will this affect customers?
Due to billing complications, some customers may have already noticed some of the new pricing from 23 July 2016. This is in line with Vodafone’s go live date for the listed changes. We would like to clarify that customers affected will not be charged on the 1 August 2016 invoice/CDR for relevant out of bundle costs between 23 July and 31 July 2016; these will instead be removed, re-rated at original pricing and applied against the 1 September 2016 invoice.

How can you manage out of bundle costs?
Daisy offers a wide variety of tariffs and bolt-ons that should assist customers with managing out of bundle costs. For more information please contact our customer service team on 03333 320 000.