Changes to Roaming in Turkey – June 2020

As of 1 June 2020, Turkey will no longer be classed as an EU Zone 2 roaming destination across all DCS Vodafone and O2 tariffs.

Turkey will be classified under Rest of World Zone 1, as such there will be some changes to how you are billed for usage when travelling to this destination. The most noticeable change is that Turkey will no longer be a free to roam destination unless the tariff comes with the TravelFree roaming service.

Since the introduction of the ‘Roam Like At Home’ legislation back in June 2017, almost all DCS tariffs extended this legislation to cover un-regulated destinations, grouped under EU Zone 2, as free to roam. As Turkey will now no longer be in this zone it will not benefit from access to standard UK bundles and rates while roaming at no additional cost.

Standard roaming rates will apply for any tariffs without daily roaming services like World Travel Select (WTS). Turkey will then be included within our WTS inclusive destinations so tariffs with this option will simply pay their standard daily roaming fee and receive the benefits as they would in any other qualifying destination.

If you have questions about the above update, please speak to your Account Manager.