Changes to NGCS charge codes from 1st July 2016

Last year as part of Ofcom’s NGCS review, 084*, 087*, 09 and 118 numbers were reclassified into 80 new Service Charge bands with specific price points for each band. Ofcom made provision in 2015 that a further 20 Service Charge price points would be added in July 2016 if there was an industry requirement. Driven by the PRS and 118 markets, it was decided that a further 20 new Service Charge price points were required. The pricing for the 20 new Service Charge price points has now been determined and has been introduced from the 1st July 2016.

Click here for a full list of Service Charges from 01/07/2016.

This change affects both outbound and inbound calls to 084*, 087*, 09* and 118 numbers. For outbound calls Daisy will not be making any changes to your Access Charge however, the Service Charge part of the call may change (Access Charge + Service Charge) but should always be advertised by the number’s operator. Daisy will not proactively change the Service Charge on our number however, we cannot guarantee other Range Holders will do the same where numbers have been ported in. In the instance where a Service Charge on an inbound number is affected we will contact you directly to advise.

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