Changes to Network Service Pricing from 1st November 2017

Daisy has recently reviewed its pricing, and in line with market conditions, as a result line rental will be increasing with effect from and including 1st November 2017. If you currently subscribe to any of the services shown in the table below, your monthly pricing will increase by the percentage shown from 1st November 2017.

Please note: the prices shown below are examples only. Your increase should be calculated by the product pricing plus the percentage shown.


Monthly Rental Price Increases


Product Example
Current Price
% Increase Example
New Price
£ Total Increase
Single Line £23.50 5.32% £24.75 £1.25
Multi-Line £23.50 5.32% £24.75 £1.25
ISDN2e £26.50 4.71% £27.75 £1.25
ISDN30 £26.00 4.80% £27.25 £1.25

Access Charge for calls to Non Geographic numbers

Our standard Access Charge for calls to Non Geographic numbers (from fixed lines and IP services) will increase from 8.5ppm (+ VAT) to 10.0ppm (+VAT)


Inbound Rental

From 1st November 2017 we will be introducing standard number rental for each Inbound Number unless already stated in your tariff or contract. A summary of the charges can be found below.

Basic 1:1 Routing – £1.95 (including Contact Point service)

Advanced Routing – £10 (including Contact Path service)

Contact Pro Service – £20

All prices quote are monthly recurring rentals charged in advance per number and are exclusive of VAT


Paper Invoice Charge

Charges for paper invoicing will be standardised to £4.95 per invoice.