CDR Improvements – Pricing will not be affected

Following some recent feedback it became clear that the size of some monthly itemised billing files on Vodafone are a problem, specifically when there is considerable data usage accrued whilst roaming. We have been looking into ways of improving this and now have an answer.

Currently roaming data sessions are relayed to us, by the network, in 3mb event rows resulting in potentially hundreds of lines per interaction, and extremely large monthly call files being generated. To resolve this issue we will be introducing steps to aggregate roamed data traffic received from Vodafone, on a per file received basis. This means that potentially thousands of individual lines will be consolidated in to single events and have no negative impact to the way in which the data is provided. It will not affect the alerts currently in place for data roaming and, most importantly, it will not affect pricing.

We are looking to apply these improvements, across all active Vodafone connections, with effect from 01 May 2018. We are certain that these changes should help reduce the size of data files and the time it takes to download them, however should you have any questions or concerns prior to this then please do not hesitate to contact us.