Meet “net-zero” targets by 2050

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The UK’s legally binding carbon emission targets have a deep and obvious impact on manufacturers. Our consultants can help you deploy tools and technologies to monitor and reduce energy consumption while reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint. We also vet all our partner vendors from an ESG perspective, to ensure sustainability is embedded throughout our solution portfolio.


Cloud infrastructure

By migrating some or all of your workloads from on-premises data centres to the public cloud, you automatically improve the environmental sustainability of your business by reducing power usage. Our team can help you quantify the potential effect and implement a cloud strategy that works with existing legacy infrastructure.

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IoT, smart networks and data analytics

Cloud adoption also enables you to monitor (and optimise) a range of environmental factors within your own facilities, such as power usage, temperature, humidity and even air and water quality. How? By connecting to automated switchports and smart sensors embedded in the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Daisy’s relationship with leading sensor developers as well as data analytics industry leaders, ensure you have access to the most effective tools.

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Unified Communications (UC) and Daisy Modern Workplace

Empower your people to meet, collaborate and share information from anywhere they need to be. This can radically reduce travel time and the emissions this produces, while boosting colleagues’ productivity and motivation.

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