Harness the potential of “Industry 4.0” technology

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A suite of new, interlinked technologies has emerged with the power to help you streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and increase your control and oversight of your business. If it’s not something you’ve explored, there’s a high chance your competitors have.

Wherever you are in your digital journey, Daisy can work with you to embed these transformative technologies in a planned, tailored way that’s fully in sync with your overall vision and strategy.


Smart sensors and the Internet of Things

Embed smart sensors and SIMs into the very fabric of your facilities and equipment to collect and analyse a range of data. Power usage, environmental conditions, user patterns and behaviour can all be monitored and even controlled through using automated switchports.

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Advanced data analytics

New analysis and predictive tools can turn data from around your business into actionable insight, enabling better process control, anticipation and prevention of defects, and quicker response times.

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Cyber security and resilience

The smart technologies associated with Industry 4.0 increase your exposure to the Internet. Daisy provides an end-to-end suite of cyber security and business resilience services to protect your infrastructure and customers from attacks and breaches, along with full Cyber Essentials accreditation.

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Cloud and connectivity

This interlinked, information-rich way of working needs a robust, agile, and secure infrastructure. Our team can design and build the perfect blend of on-premise, hosted and public cloud for your needs, incorporating legacy technology where necessary to quickly reap the benefits of Industry 4.0.

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