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Using data insights to maximise efficiency and improve citizens’ experience is a key priority for local authorities. This can require a rethink of existing data systems that are often siloed and disparate.

In an age where digital skills are often in short supply, the Daisy team can help you optimise your use of data and analytics in a way that’s both compliant and secure, while taking advantage of emerging or fast-developing technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT).


Data science assessments

Understand where your data is currently held and how it can be combined and augmented with other data to drive better insight and action.

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Connectivity and cloud applications

Explore and deploy powerful new technologies that take your service users’ experience to a whole new level. Examples include IoT sensors on refuse bins to avoid over-filling, air quality sensors in urban areas, WiFi analysis for footfall data, public WiFi in local authority facilities and more. How you harness the possibilities is up to you.

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