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Integrate your data for insight and efficiency

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By integrating and analysing the large volume of digital data generated by students, faculty, applicants and support staff, universities can make better-informed decisions that allow them to operate more efficiently and improve members’ lives.

We work with you to achieve this in a way that’s secure, effective and fully compliant with data privacy regulations, while harnessing the latest in data technology.


Cloud services

Our portfolio of cloud services allow data to be centralised, consolidated and presented quickly, efficiently and in a usable way. This reduces in efficiencies in accessing and using data. For example, pulling together monthly reports in Excel or different teams using different data sets.

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Data analytics

By applying advanced analytics and predictive tools to your data, you can gain insight into how your facilities are used and how students and other stakeholders perceive your service. This in turn enables you to optimise services, improve working practices, plan more effectively and measure progress towards your goals.

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Data protection and recovery

Secure all your applications and data, we give you the ability to back up, stay protected and the ability to recover in the event of any data breach or compromise. Most importantly, we deliver full data resilience and off-site data compliance.

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AI is pivotal in empowering learners, aiding educators, and informing policymakers. We can help support you with a holistic approach including data-driven insights for automating administrative tasks, enhancing content delivery, providing feedback, personalised learning journeys, facilitating collaboration and policymaking.

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