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As health providers embrace digital transformation, the security of patient data is an ever-growing concern. Security scores are central to NHS league table standing (and funding), with trusts expected to react swiftly to the latest threat bulletins.

Daisy can help with remediation plans and provide dedicated, Cyber Essentials accredited resource to design and deploy the security solutions you need, while proactively identifying and mitigating any vulnerabilities, monitoring and managing security events as they occur.


Security Health Assessments

Health providers must enable trusted interactions with patients and healthcare workers – and adapt to the changes in working practices. Our security consultants can assess your IT estate to determine your current effectiveness, identify vulnerabilities and recommend actions to improve your security posture. Plus improve your security and compliance scores.

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Bespoke Cyber Security solutions

Our portfolio of best-in-class solutions includes DDoS protection, next-generation firewalls, cloud-based end-point security and many more. We draw on these to tailor a security architecture that fits your needs and can visibly increase your Microsoft Secure Score rating.

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Ongoing monitoring

By deploying Daisy’s Security Operation Centre (SOC) and Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) capability, we can monitor and swiftly manage any security events that do occur

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Meeting the demands of the DSPT every year can be challenging, but we can help. We have a lot of experience with helping our NHS customers achieve it over the last five years, with the help of our cyber security expertise and fit-for-purpose solutions.

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