Food Manufacturing

Reduce the effects of supply chain disruption

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Today’s businesses operate amid considerable supply chain disruption and spiralling costs. Your Daisy team can help you harness digital technology in a way that makes your budget go further while maximising potential efficiencies.


Cloud technology and the Internet of Things

A bespoke, flexible and high-performance cloud environment allows apps and data to be easily accessed and shared. It also enables the effective deployment of smart, connected devices or sensors (known as the Internet of Things) embedded in your on-site hardware, which provide valuable insight on power usage, environmental conditions and more.

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Advanced data analytics / data science

With a bespoke cloud or hybrid IT environment, you can apply a range of advanced analytics and predictive technologies to the data captured by your IoT estate. The resulting insights allow you to optimise your operations on an ongoing basis, while supporting long-term strategic planning and further digital transformation.

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Connectivity Services

From circuit-based to wireless and the most sophisticated SD-WAN options, Daisy’s secure network solutions offer myriad ways to maximise the security and usefulness of your data, while keeping your processes and organisation running smoothly.

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